Terms and Conditions for Chennai Plans

  1. The Unlimited Data plans provided by FICUS shall apply only to the Residential plans and shall not apply to Enterprises plans.
  2. The Unlimited Data plans are only for personal use of the subscriber and cannot be used for any commercial purposes.
  3. Any misuse/ fraudulent use/ unauthorized telemarketing and commercial use of the Broadband connectivity by the subscriber, FICUS reserves its right to discontinue the connection altogether for any set of Subscriber/s as FICUS may deem fit.
  4. FICUS encourages responsible use of unlimited data by each of its subscribers. FICUS believes that even when a subscriber chooses to use the Unlimited plans extensively he or she may not be able to consume the maximum data limit of 2000/3500 GB per month or above as per the tariff plan subscribed (hereinafter referred as “Maximum Data Limit”). Any such usage over and above said Maximum Data Limit will be treated as abuse of Unlimited Data plans by the said subscriber.
PlanRentalSpeedFUP per monthPost FUP
FICUS HUNGAMA49960 Mbps2000 GB(Unlimited)1 Mbps
FICUS TOPNOTCH-AR64975 Mbps2000 GB(Unlimited) 1 Mbps
FICUS TIDY-AR84975 Mbps3500 GB(Unlimited)1 Mbps
FICUS GRAND PROMO999150 Mbps3500 GB (Unlimited)1 Mbps
FICUS ELITE-AR1,099200 Mbps3500 GB (Unlimited)1 Mbps
FICUS CATCHY-AR1,299275 Mbps4000 GB (Unlimited)1 Mbps
FICUS MAMMOTH-AR1,499325 Mbps5000 GB (Unlimited)1 Mbps
FICUS FANTASY-AR1,989350 Mbps7000 GB (Unlimited)2 Mbps
FICUS DESIRE-AR2,999400 Mbps7000 GB (Unlimited)5 Mbps
FICUS AMAZE-AR3,999400 Mbps10000 GB (Unlimited)5 Mbps
FICUS TREMENDOUS-AR4,999500 Mbps15000 GB (Unlimited)5 Mbps
  1. FICUS reserves its rights to withdraw the plan benefits in case the subscriber exceeds the said Maximum Data limit without giving any prior notice. The said withdrawal of plan benefits for such subscriber is done to ensure optimal use of FICUS’s network, to avoid abuse of Unlimited Data benefits by any such subscriber and in the interest of all its subscribers.
  2. Upon Subscriber reaching the Maximum data limit (as per the plan subscribed), Fair Usage Policy shall apply and the plan speeds will be throttled as mentioned in the respective plans until the next billing cycle.
  3. Unutilized data if any will be forfeited at the end of every month and the same cannot be carried forward.
  4. These Terms and Conditions shall be read along with the terms and conditions of the Customer application Form duly signed by the Subscriber.
  5. These Terms and Conditions shall constitute an agreement between FICUS and each customer and by subscribing to the unlimited data plan, you accept the same as binding upon you.
  6. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in relation to the above Unlimited Data plans shall be submitted to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at CHENNAI alone.