A leased line is a private bidirectional or symmetric telecommunications circuit between two or more locations provided in exchange for a monthly rent.

Advantages Of Internet Leased Line Over Broadband For Internet Connectivity

We all have faced some problems with our Internet service providers. Downtime, pooled resources, shared bandwidth and low-speed are some of the most common problems that users face. An Internet Leased Lineis one such solution that minimizes all these issues. It is best suited for large businesses or organizations like colleges, corporate offices, hospitals, etc. While there are business broadband options available at pretty good price points, Internet Leased Lines are still preferred much more with a lot of customers for the following reasons:

  • One of the major drawbacks of broadband connection is that the lines for broadband internet connection are shared by several users. On the other hand, leased line does not involve sharing among multiple customers. As a result, leased lines are far more secured than that of broadband connection. Security comes from the fact that it is solely dedicated to a single user and no third-party has any access to it, unlike broadband connections.
  • Leased lines are more reliable that broadband connections. The backbone network and performance parameters (like latency, jitter etc) can be monitored in the case of Internet Leased Lines. So, it is easier to offer SLA (Service Level Agreements) to the customer and Internet Leased Lines generally come with an SLA. There are very few broadband plans that offer such performance guarantee. Leased lines offers better fault tolerance/ performance/ monitoring abilities, especially for higher bandwidths. Having a reliable connectivity also is a good way to cut the expenses of businesses.
  • For broadband plans, it is typical for customers to encounter interruptions with the connection, customer service hotline which is way too difficult to get in touch with and repairs which take a few days. With leased line, such problems are eliminated. The providers even offer SLAs because they are capable of guaranteeing quick repairs and continuous monitoring.
  • It is true that both business broadband and leased line give plenty of options for customers. However, there is a wider choice of bandwidth selection(64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 2 Mbps, 155 Mbps, etc) with Internet Leased Lines. On the other hand, the business broadband packages are more limited.
  • Leased lines are more flexible than that of broadband connectivity. Flexibility comes from the fact that lease lines provides its user with the liberty to use the dedicated line for his specific purpose, either to link his various branches or for dedicated internet access or both.
  • Leased line is far more cost-effective that broadband connection. Internet Leased Lines come with unlimited usage plans which enables companies to add services like video, voice etc over IP in addition to the internet/ data connectivity. Broadband plans either come with a limited data usage limit or the billing would sky-rocket according to the amount of bandwidth used. This is not ideal for business because limitation with data usage leads to restricting the operations.
  • The speed that is indicated in broadband and leased line packages can get a bit confusing. Would a 2 Mbps business broadband deliver the same speed as a 2 Mbps leased line? The answer is No. Yes, these are the same speed. But the problem is, since broadband connection is shared with other users, customers can not always enjoy the 2 Mbps speed. With a leased line, there is no need to think about down time and peak time.
  • For business broadband plans, the speed specified is applicable only for downloading. It is set to prioritize downloading only and the uploading speed is just disappointing. Since businesses require both fast download and upload speed, having a leased line is very important. Leased lines have symmetric connection. This means that if the download speed that the customer picked is 2Mbps, then the upload speed will also be as fast.
  • Internet Leased Lines offer a pool of permanent IP addresses which enables organizations to run their own mail servers, web servers and other applications.
  • Internet Leased Lines can be leveraged to form a Virtual Private Network across multiple branches more effectively than broadband connections.
  • Business broadband could also do an excellent job when it comes to providing internet connection. But however, for bigger companies and business establishments, leased line would be more appropriate. Aside from the fast and efficient connection speed, this can also establish a single network for multiple endpoints. It isa perfect solution for organizations that require dedicated and uninterrupted internet speed.